Rotherham Institute for Obesity




What do I need to do when I attend RIO?  

You need to book in at reception or on the computer system and then your name will be called. 



What do I bring to my first appointment? 

A list of any medication you are taking 

A list of any health problems that you have 

Patient contracts (that you will have received with your first invitation) 



Who will I see at the first session?  

You will be weighed and measured by a Health Care Assistant and will then see an Obesity Specialist Nurse. 



Will I see the doctor? 

Not necessarily …. 

You will only need to see Dr Capehorn if you are considered suitable for consideration of bariatric surgery or weight loss medications.  The RIO nurse team will be able to advise you on whether these are suitable.  This will not happen at your first consultation as you will be required to initiate weight loss first. You may need to see Dr Capehorn if one of the RIO multidisciplinary team feels it appropriate to discuss your current medication. 



I only want to see about surgery, why do I have to come to RIO? 

In many cases surgery is not the answer.  Bariatric surgery does not make you lose weight, but may allow appropriate patients to eat less without feeling hungry.  You may need to see different members of the multidisciplinary team to assess whether you are suitable for weight loss surgery, before risking this radical and invasive surgical procedure.  Many patients who come to RIO find that after 3 months they have learnt how to lose weight themselves, and find they no longer need or want a surgical referral. 



Can I have weight loss medications on my first appointment? 

The RIO prescribing guidelines are very strict and in line with NHS Rotherham, National Obesity Forum, and Consensus Guidelines on appropraiet prescribing of these medications.  You will need to show that your weight is stable, and that you have introduced that basic principle of weight loss, before being referred to Dr Capehorn for consideration of weight loss medications.  The RIO nurses can advise you on whether these medications are appropriate. 



How long is the appointment? 

Your 1st appointment will be about half an hour. 

Please arrive at RIO at least five minutes before so that you can be weighed and measured in time for your consultation.   

It is during this initial consultation when you may be advised of which other RIO multidisciplinary team members you should be seeing. 



What does each person do? 

This is explained in the RIO Brochure  



What is the difference between the exercise therapist and the health trainer?  

The exercise therapist will see you in the RIO gym; you will have an assessment followed by 6 sessions during which time you will work together on a personalised exercise plan.  The Health trainer will see you on a one to one basis to help improve general aspects of your health, as well as offer you support, encouragement and assess your motivation. 



How long before l can use the gym / see a therapist / trainer. 

There may be waiting times to see certain members of the RIO multidisciplinary team, but you should be able to see any member that is appropriate within 8 weeks. 



Will you give me a diet to follow? 

You will not be given a specific diet to follow, as evidence suggests that they are difficult to stick to.  Healthy low fat diets can be provided if specifically needed.  Over the next 6 months we will be working with you to promote a lifestyle change as opposed to a specific diet. At the end of your 6 month program you should be following a healthy balanced diet and losing weight.