Rotherham Institute for Obesity



The NHS Rotherham Obesity Strategy for the management of healthy weight in adults and children involves 4 tiers of intervention.

RIO strategy


The initial level of intervention primary activity most often done in the primary care setting, which involves identifying those patients that have weight problems, and are motivated to change, especially those with medical conditions, such as diabetes, that are likely to worsen with increased weight. It is important to clarify that this primary activity, and any associated health promotion advice, can be delivered by any healthcare professional from primary or secondary care, or in the pharmacy, council, leisure services, or private sector.


The 2nd tier of intervention is a community based, time limited, weight management programme of diet, nutrition, lifestyle and exercise advice delivered by trained staff. For adults this is the Reshape Rotherham programme delivered by the Rotherham Dietetics Department, and for children this is the Carnegie Clubs programme delivered by DC Leisure. Patients can self-refer to these services, or be referred by an appropriate healthcare professional after an assessment of motivation.


Those patients, who do not meet their healthy weight targets in this level of intervention, or for those, who are considered to be more at risk of the cardiometabolic consequences associated with obesity (such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease) and require more specialist intervention, are referred into the tier 3 intervention, which is a specialist centre for weight management. This service is delivered by the Rotherham Institute for Obesity (RIO).