Rotherham Institute for Obesity


A trip to RIO saves the tax-payer money!  


Recent reports have questioned the cost-effectiveness of the Rotherham Institute for Obesity (RIO), yet results suggest that not only is it successful in its main aim of encouraging overweight and obese patients to lose weight, it is cost-effective and is already saving the tax-payer more money than the service costs to run. 


RIO Success 


An internal RIO audit performed during April 2011 shows the following results: 


2478 adults and 255 children have been referred to the service since it opened. 

We achieved a 97% patient satisfaction with the service (75.56% reported “excellent”). 


Of those who completed the 6 month weight loss programme: 



51% of adults and 69% of children met, or did better than, 

NHS Rotherham weight loss targets. 


The cumulative  weight loss has been 7.4 tons! 


The average adult weight loss is greater than7.5 kgs (16.5 lbs)


In adults, just a 10kg weight loss can convey the following health benefits: 




20–25% reduction in total mortality 

30–40% reduction in diabetes-related deaths 

40–50% reduction in cancer-related deaths 



Reduced risk of developing diabetes by >50% 

30–50% reduction in fasting glucose 

15% reduction in HbA  1c 



10% reduction in total cholesterol 

15% reduction in LDL 

30% reduction in triglycerides 

8% increase in HDL 

Blood pressure 


10 mmHg reduction in systolic BP 

20 mmHg reduction in diastolic BP 


Adapted from Jung R. Obesity as a disease. Br Med Bull  1997; 53   (2): 307–321