Rotherham Institute for Obesity



The Rotherham Institute for Obesity (RIO) forms part of the award-winning NHS Rotherham Weight Management Strategy that won the 2009 NHS Health and Social Care Award for best commissioned service. 

Clifton Medical Centre formed RIO, and has been commissioned as part of the NHS Rotherham Strategy, to help manage weight problems in any patient (adult or child) who is registered to a Rotherham GP, that meets our agreed referral criteria. 


RIO is a unique and specialist Centre for the management of weight problems with a multidisciplinary approach to losing weight.


It was formally opened on 6 November 2009, by Professor David Haslam, Chairman of the National Obesity Forum, during the 2009 National Obesity Week Campaign. 


RIO has NOT invented the cure for weight problems, and cannot guarantee weight loss.  It brings together all the NHS approved and evidence-based methods for weight loss into one Primary Care based Centre, that we hope will maximise your chances for weight loss. 


Lose it in RIO

Services offered by RIO 


Motivation & Goal Setting 

In order to be referred to RIO it is a condition that you are motivated for weight loss, and you should have only been referred if you are serious about wanting to lose weight, and are prepared to engage with the RIO services to maximise your success. If you are uncertain about your motivation, or have any concerns regarding what are realistic goals, for your general health and lifestyle, we recommend that you see one of our RIO Health Trainers who have been provided by NHS Rotherham.  


Nutritional Advice 

Our specialist nursing staff provide basic weight management and nutritional advice regarding balanced and healthy eating. Weight loss relies on less calories being eaten than the body needs, and so they will also estimate your calorie requirements, and prescribe an agreed amount that you should not exceed if you wish to lose weight at a steady and healthy rate of approximately one pound per week (which equates to nearly 4 stones in a year). They will explain about portion sizes and changing snacks and meals to less “calorie-dense” options. 


Cooking Skills with Rotherham Cook & Eat 

It is essential that everyone, at every age, knows how to cook. Jamie Oliver showed that in Rotherham, many people do not know how to cook even basic things. It is pointless for the RIO staff to teach about healthy eating and good nutrition if you do not have the skills to go home and put this into practice. We would therefore encourage you to sign up to one of our on-site Cook & Eat Sessions, that are operated with the help of the NHS Rotherham Cook & Eat Team


Dietetics Input 

If you have specific and/or complex dietary needs such as a Vegan or South Asian diet, or due to a medical condition, such as Type 1 Diabetes, Coeliac Disease, IBS or Malabsorption Syndrome, we can arrange for you to be seen by a specialist dietitian with more expert knowledge in this field. Please inform one of the nurses if you feel that you require this additional help and input.


Education Room 

RIO has a large Resource Library and Education Room that can be used for group sessions and individual learning. Please speak to one of the members of staff if you would like to use this.  

Please do NOT remove educational materials from this room without permission


Exercise Therapy 

As part of the Services provided by RIO, we can offer 6 sessions with a specialist Exercise Therapist, who will help to develop a tailored exercise programme that is suitable for your abilities and any physical limitations. We have an on-site gym facility, which has similar exercise equipment to most public and private gyms. You will be taught how to use this equipment, and be encouraged to engage in some of the excellent local facilities. For those interested adults and children, we have a range of exer-gaming equipment (Wii, Wii Fit, Playstations).   Regrettably the on-site gym cannot be made available to RIO patients on demand, and it should be considered as the consulting room of our Exercise Therapist. However, RIO has negotiated arrangements with several local venues that allow appropriate RIO patients access to free membership for a limited period, and on-going subsidised prices, to use their facilities. This will normally be made available to you at the end of your 6 sessions with our RIO Exercise Therapist.   


RIOis continually negotiating for more deals that benefit our patients.


Talking Therapies 

Many people eat when they are not hungry. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as habit, comfort eating, or other unresolved emotional issues in their lives. Unless these issues are dealt with, many weight loss interventions may be unsuccessful. Talking Therapies is a collective term that includes ways of addressing and amending behaviour and emotional issues. Talking Therapies include: 


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), commonly associated with Paul McKenna

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – “tapping”

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 


Life Coaching 


We have access to specialists who can provide one-to-one or group work. 

Our specialist nurses may be able to advise you as to whether you would benefit from this input. 


Weight Loss Medications, Surgery and Carnegie International Camps 

Medication for weight loss may not be suitable for everyone, and will not be prescribed if you are still increasing weight. Our specialist nurses will advise on whether you may be suitable for medication, and, if appropriate, refer you to Dr Capehorn to discuss it further. 

If you have been unsuccessful in losing an agreed amount of weight, using our specialist services, and meet the local criteria for consideration of Bariatric Surgery on the NHS, you may be referred at your 3 month review to Dr Capehorn, to consider a referral to one of the Specialist Surgical Centres. All patients being considered for surgery will have to see all the specialists within the RIO team, and if they have not, then this may effect whether they are approved by the Surgical Centre, or delay their surgery. 

If you are a child, aged 8-17 years old, and are considered to have a significant weight problem, you may be considered for one of the few limited places at the Carnegie Residential Weight Management Camps, that are funded by NHS Rotherham. This Camp runs through the 5-6 weeks summer holidays. Children interested in attending this Camp should attend RIO for at least 3 months prior to the start date, but obviously exceptions can be considered. However, it is a condition of attendance, that children are prepared to stay for the duration of Camp and that, at the same time, parents engage in a Training Programme aimed at teaching them how to support their child after Camp.  






We would like to thank the following organisations for their kind help and/or donations in helping to make RIO a success: 


NHS Rotherham 

RotherhamCook & Eat 

The National Obesity Forum, and their Chairman, Prof David Haslam 

Mr David Mahon, Bariatric Surgeon 


Johnny Minkley, BBC Radio 1 gaming expert 

EA Sports 

New Concept Gaming 

Abbott Pharmaceuticals

K D Davis & Sons, Rotherham 



RIO Staff 



Dr Matt Capehorn 

Clinical Manager and GPwSI 

Dr Capehorn’s roles include assessment for medications, surgery and Camp when appropriate


Dale Carter (OSN) 

Lead Obesity Specialist Nurse 

Dale provides initial triage appointments and delivers basic nutrition and weight management advice



Lynn Senior 

RIO  Supervisor 

Lynn  organises appointments and liaises with referrers and other organisations


Deborah Allen (OSN) 

Obesity Specialist Nurse 

Debbie provides initial triage appointments and delivers basic nutrition and weight management advice



Simon Cattell 

Exercise Therapist 

Simon provides personalised training to engage in appropriate physical activity


Tricia Monaghan (OSN) 

Obesity Specialist Nurse 

Trish provides initial triage appointments and delivers basic nutrition and weight management advice



Souria Salih 

Health Trainer 

Souria (and colleagues) can provide motivational techniques and help set achievable goals


Caroline Steele (HCA) 

RIO Healthcare Assistant 

Caroline provides weighing and measuring, and follow up appointment advice and support



Colette Boyden 

Talking Therapist 

Colette provides NLP and EFT to assist weight loss and offers Hypnotherapy and group session work


Gill Flynn (HCA) 

RIO  Healthcare Assistant 

Gill provides weighing and measuring, and follow up appointment advice and support



Colin Wilson 

Talking Therapist 

Colin provides NLP and EFT to assist weight loss and offers Life-Coaching


Other Staff 

Specialist Dietitians and Rotherham Cook & Eat 

Dietitians are available for complex dietary needs. 

We have on-site Cook & Eat